We’ll call that done.

Ladies and gentlemen, a minor announcement bundled into a major one: In Ashes Lie (note the slight change) is complete, at approximately one hundred and thirty thousand words.


This is my longest novel yet, by about four thousand words. I am very glad I asked my editor for permission to run over my target wordcount; it needed that extra 20K. I strongly suspect it is also my most ambitious book to date, though from here in the trenches it’s hard to tell. It doesn’t give me the feeling of accomplishment that Midnight Never Come did, because this one isn’t a watershed: last year, I reached the summit of the peak I had been climbing for some years, while this year, I started up a new one. The latter is better for me than the former, but it doesn’t give quite the same warm glow of satisfaction.

I think it will be a good book, though. Ambitious. And full of stuff blowing up. And who doesn’t like that?


No rest for the wicked. Tomorrow I tackle the remaining revisions, so I can get this thing to my editor. Much of the novel has already been beaten into shape, each Part before each day of the Fire, but work remains to be done. (Like fixing the prologue. Which currently blows. Not blows up; just blows.) But I’ll try to find time in there for some celebration. After a hundred and thirty thousand words, I think I deserve some kind of party.

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  1. sapphohestia

    Congratulations! Good luck with the revisions.

  2. j_cheney

    Congrats on finishing!

  3. siedhr

    Congrats! I really like the title and I look forward to reading it. Is there a summary somewhere to learn what’s it about?

  4. cathschaffstump


    I love blowing stuff up. 🙂


  5. d_c_m


  6. wingstodust

    Congratulations on completing In Ashes Lie!! I shall be one of the first in line to buy the book, lol~ *is excited*

  7. eclectician

    Whoo hoo! Can’t wait to see how you blow. Stuff. Up. =)

  8. cofax7

    Wow, 130,000 words! Congratulations!

  9. juushika

    Congrats! I look forward to reading it, some day. ^_^

  10. squishymeister

    Way To Go!!!
    We should totally throw a Knightridge party next time you’re in town 😉

  11. gollumgollum

    <Mr. Burns>Eeeeeeexcellent.</Mr.Burns>

  12. oddsboy

    *ding* Gratz!


  13. dawn_metcalf

    Congratulations! Official Party Stamp: APPROVED!

  14. mirrorred_star

    Awesome! Congrats!

    (And you should so totally blow up that prologue if it continues to blow. Bonfire for your party :P)

  15. m_stiefvater

    Woof! And I thought my latest was long! Congrats and have fun with prologues that blow (boy don’t I know that feeling)

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