on the fourth hand . . . .

Other writing-related news:

While in Dallas, I sold “Kingspeaker” to a new magazine called Beneath Ceaseless Skies. I’m really pleased by this one; I quite like that story, and am glad to see it find such a pretty home.


This month’s post at SF Novelists is about characterization — specifically, how being an introvert affects the way I write characters, and therefore the way people read them. (i.e not everybody will interpret the tightening of a character’s fingers on her wine-cup as a sign of growing anger.)


More reviews of MNC lately, but most of them are saved to my desktop, which is on a truck right now. Several negative ones, though. There may be a faint logic to seeing the negative reviews now; people who read and liked my previous work probably make up a greater percentage of those buying the new book right when it comes out, and those readers are more likely to give it a thumbs-up. Strangers to my work may come across it later, and with them it’s a toss-up as to whether they’ll like it or not.


I have all kinds of other writing-related program activities I want to do, but the truth is, AAL is consuming pretty much all of my spare processing cycles. So until that’s done, it’ll be pretty quiet on other fronts.

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  1. cucumberseed

    Awesome. I have a story to send to them as well, needs some editing. I ought to work on that this weekend.

  2. dsgood

    Congratulations on the sale!

  3. j_cheney

    Congrats on the BCS sale! (I’ve got one there, too! ;o) )

  4. ninja_turbo

    I’m glad Kingspeaker found a home! Now I’ll finally be able to read it. 🙂

    • Marie Brennan

      I guess you weren’t at the meeting where it got critted?

      • ninja_turbo

        I was either not in town (yet) or missed the meeting for some other reason. *shrug* I knew I’d get to read it eventually.

        It’s also a good reminder to re-put that market on my list for things I’m sending out in the future.

  5. calico_reaction

    SO GLAD to hear you’ve sold a story to BCS. A good friend of mine is in charge of that mag (Scott Andrews), so I’m tickled pink he’s getting such great authors responding to his call for submissions. 🙂

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