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While I was out of town, reviews also appeared for a couple of the venues my short stories have been published in.

Sherwood Smith (sartorias) liked issue #12 of Paradox, which includes “The Deaths of Christopher Marlowe.” The verdict on my story is that it’s “a taut, lapidary triptych,” and the verdict on me is that “Her scholarship is sure, her sense of pace impeccable.” Yay! (Don’t forget, you’re eligible to win a copy of that story if you send me a photo of Midnight Never Come in a bookstore. Or in your hot little hands, or whatever. Proof that it’s out in the world.)

Also, though I don’t believe the anthology Clockwork Phoenix is available yet — I think it’s debuting at Readercon — there have been a few advance reviews. Publishers Weekly says “all 19 stories have a strong and delicious taste of weird,” and Charles Tan at Bibliophile Stalker found it a solid, enjoyable antho. I’ll let you know when that one’s actually out.

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  1. faerie_writer

    Look! Look! My copy came today! *squees*

  2. sora_blue

    Ooooh you’re in CLOCKWORK PHOENIX, too?!

    Now I have to get it. 😀

  3. kwaller

    I sent yesterday’s photo to marie.brennan at gmail. Is good?

  4. talkstowolves

    I’m pretty sure Clockwork Phoenix’s debut date is July 1st, 2008. I’m reviewing it as well.

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