old-skool sale

In the days of old, back when writers used typewriters and typesetters lost fingers to their hot-lead monstrosities, story acceptances used to be sent by post.

That was not the intent of Christopher Cevasco, editor of Paradox, but since his e-mail appears to have vanished into the ether, the first I knew of my sale there was when the contract showed up in my mailbox today. The arrival of an envelope from them had me sighing in disappointment, thinking I’d been rejected, but as I felt the heft of the thing, I was reminded of the old maxim that bad news comes in fat envelopes, good news in skinny ones. I had a fat envelope, but then again, we’re long past the days when writers asked for their manuscripts to be sent back to them, so it just might be a contract inside . . . .

And so it was. Yay!

So good news for all you Kit Marlowe fan-boys and fan-girls; “The Deaths of Christopher Marlowe” will be in Issue Twelve of Paradox, which is slated for April. I’m exceedingly glad to see it find a home there, since it’s more a historical fiction story than a speculative one, and Paradox is explicitly a historical fiction mag with an interest in historically-related spec fic. This was pretty much the best matchup I could imagine for this particular story.

Edited to add: Hah. Five minutes after posting this, a rejection for a different story arrives in my inbox. Good ol’ Gmail, keeping my ego in check . . . .

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  1. icedrake

    Congratulations! 🙂

  2. ombriel

    Congrats! That’s an excellent home for that story indeed! How long was the response time, incidentally?

    • Marie Brennan

      About six months, but who knows when he e-mailed me the acceptance. <g> When I talked to him at WFC, he said he’d be trying to get to his “hold” pile before the end of the year.

  3. takrann

    Congrats, swan_tower and thank you for flagging a publication I didn’t know existed. Could be just the place from some stories involving the historical and the fantastic!

  4. takrann

    I have about a dozen sketches of stories set in various periods of history with elements of the fantastic in them. Although none of them so far during the Elizabethan period; a period you are now mining along with Mark (Chadbourn), although in different ways, I expect!


    Hoping to do a review of the Solaris anthology m’self, soon!

  5. dsgood


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