I should also have a Mesoamerican icon . . . .

I love the fact that I have trained my memory decently well to hold onto ideas I have while falling asleep.

Because last night I came up with a short story that, if I can pull it off, might just be brilliant. Not just my usual, fairly plot-driven fare, but something much deeper, and more unusual in its structure. And it has an awesome title. (Though you have to know the story to know why it’s awesome.)

Then I went to sleep and forgot about it.

But partway through today, while I was thinking about other things, my brain tapped me on the shoulder and said, “Oh yeah, don’t forget about this.”

I have it down in notes now, and who knows? I may try to write some of it this weekend. I wrote “Nine Sketches” half at VeriCon, and I’m damned proud of that one; maybe this one can get in on some of that mojo.

So, yeah. “Chrysalis.” Might be my next story, if I can hold onto Mesoamerica and teen-angst urban fantasy at the same time.

Update: Well, now I know what all the people in the story are called. (Or at least most of them. Depends on whether I only name the pov characters, or whether folks like Konil’s daughter will get named, too.)

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  1. takrann

    Ah, yes! The dreaded Mother of All Story Ideas just before you nod off to sleep! And the dreams that were so vivid, that when you wake up, if anything can be said to be a gift from the Muse, they can be.

    I had a dream so vivid the other morning just before waking that it lived with me all through the day, every single flinty etching of stone, the slick moist sheen of the sea upon the rock inside the cave the dream involved, the light source casting shadow. I left it all day to write it down, so confident was I of how vivid it was. When I got around to writing it down about twelve hours later, I’m sure I had taken that vivid edge off it.

    And reading this, about you almost forgetting something you didn’t initially write down, has reminded me of something I imagined for the climax of my novella yesterday and had forgotten. And there’s me thinking that Blogging is little more than mere diversionary frippery!

    In fact, it has just now occurred to me why that rock in the dream was wet! Which has given me another idea! That’s me done for the day then! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Marie Brennan

      I actually almost never remember my dreams, and only one has ever contained useful story material. (And that was eleven years ago.) But I do get nice epiphanies on my way to sleep, and it’s good to be able to hold onto them without having to get up and take notes.

  2. wishwords

    Ooo, hypnogogia! Such a useful skill for an author.

    • Marie Brennan

      I’m the sort of person who doesn’t go to sleep easily. If I had to get up to take notes when these ideas occur to me, I’d screw up my sleep schedule even more than I normally do.

  3. sora_blue

    Yay! Always to hear that there will be new stories from you. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Marie Brennan

      Well, from the perspective of most of the world, “new stories from me” is more dependent on editors buying them from me than anything else. (I have a number of unsold stories in circulation.)

      But the enthusaism is flattering. ^_^

  4. m_stiefvater

    Oh, you know you have to write it. These moments are gifts from a fickle muse who is normally out drinking and partying with her friends when you need her.

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