another open letter

Dear Brain,

Put the Victorian Age down and back away from it, slowly.

Why? Because you aren’t ready to write that book yet. You know it and I know it; there’s no disagreement there. But do you know what will happen if you do another nosedive into research like last time? You will get sick of the Victorian period, before you even start writing the book. So slow down. That deadline is not for another ten months.

Play with this shiny over here instead. Wouldn’t you rather be reading YA urban fantasies than books about the Victorian sewer system?

Wouldn’t you?

I’d appreciate more than just a grudging nod, Brain. Or else I’m going to start thinking there’s something deeply wrong with you.

That’s better. The Victorian Age will still be waiting when you come back, don’t worry. And in the meantime, we’re going to have fun with some other things.

Your Writer

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  1. moonandserpent

    Whatever, the Victorian sewer system is far more interesting than urban fantasy YA’s 😛

  2. auriaephiala

    I’ve read one novel where the Victorian sewer system featured notably and found a mystery involving it a few weeks ago which is now on my TBR. I think it’s a worthy subject of study myself. 🙂

    Today’s book discovery at the library bookstore: _Eminent Victorian Women_ by Elizabeth Longford. It looks fascinating.

    And I am slowly reading _Inside the Victorian Home_ by Judith Flanders, which is extremely enlightening, especially as it explains behaviours in 19th AND 20th century British books that never previously made any sense to me. It’s also a bit chilling: women really did have to live that way.

    And, no, the Victorian period is not one I’m trying to read up in — it just keeps impinging on me.

  3. takrann

    Had a similar experience Swan Tower, although mine involved a draft of a supernatural thriller and finding myself writing out a desperate pursuit to buy a bottle of milk! I realised I wasn’t ready yet to handle that bottle of milk. But it did tell me what I should be writing, which I am now!

  4. tltrent

    Funny…I was just doing this with Darwin the other day. NO MORE EVOLUTION!! 🙂

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