just great . . . .

They didn’t call John in until the bullets had finished flying, until everybody who was going to surrender had surrendered and everybody who was going to die had died. By that point, of course, she was long gone.

Oh, lordy. I do not need my hindbrain offering me story nuggets whose research requirements start with “telephone the FBI.”

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  1. unforth

    I dunno, I think it sounds interesting. 🙂 I mean, I bet the FBI gets stuff like that (requests for research info) a lot!

  2. wishwords

    LOL Do they even answer questions from authors? The closest I’ve come to that is having to research a particular Army unit… who refused to help.

    • Marie Brennan

      They in fact have a page on their website detailing exactly what to do for research questions — which is why I know step one would be to call them. (Or send them a snail-mail letter.)

  3. diatryma

    For purely selfish reasons, I think you kind of do.

  4. d_c_m

    That hindbrain. Tsk Tsk.

  5. snickelish

    Of course, considering your presence in the “Glorifying Terrorism” anthology, they may view your research request with a bit more skepticism than most… (g)

    • Marie Brennan

      <headdesk> I hadn’t even thought of that.

      • gollumgollum

        I wouldn’t worry unless they answer the phone and say “Oh hi!1 Good to hear from you, been a while…”

        And i would say that being a Published Author™ gives you a bit more of an advantage than, say, i would have if i were to call ’em up and start asking dodgy questions, even including GT.

        (Ha!1 The Goodmeade’s song cracks me up.)

  6. spartezda

    Hee! And I thought my latest plot bunny was bad, when it started with “Visit the LA Zoo.”

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