Dude. I must have eaten inspiration for breakfast today.

While engaged in late-night stupidity at Kinko’s (involving photocopiers, a paper slicer, metric crap-tons of scotch tape, and the Agas woodcut of Elizabethan London), I had an epiphany about the plot point my brain insists on calling the Great Misunderstanding — even though it isn’t really a misunderstanding at all.

Yes, I just found a way to make my characters’ lives suck more. Aren’t you glad? I know they’re glad. (Hah.)

I would be writing those scenes right now, but the late-night stupidity has tired me out, so to bed. But I have more leftover ham and applesauce in the fridge, which is what I had for breakfast today; maybe I’ll have the rest of it tomorrow and see what else pops into my head . . . .

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  1. gryphart

    Hey, I just spotted this in the wilds of LJ, and thought you might be interested – she’s got a whole list of Elizabethan reference books she’s basically giving away.


  2. unforth

    Congratulations! I’m glad you found a way to make their lives suck more, I (heart) angst! 🙂

  3. danielmc

    keep those rocks going up that tree.


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