Today’s trip to Indy resulted (quite randomly) in the purchase of a lovely new fountain pen.

Now I have a burning desire to write something with it . . . but I don’t know what.

Maybe if I can settle on the tack I want to take with the Bluebeard story, I can write that. It ought to be short. All of my dark-and-twisted fairy-tale stories are pretty short, and this would be a good pen to write one with.

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  1. ninja_turbo

    I wish I could learn to have ideas that led to short stories that were actually short. 😛

    Hurray for new pen-ness!

  2. innerslytherin

    Mmm. Fountain pens. Now I want to get out my Sensa and write something with its bold tip and brown ink. ^_^

  3. diatryma

    For a while, my mother interpreted ‘likes fountain pens’ as ‘wants as many calligraphy pens as possible’. I could so easily be a fountain pen nerd… but I’m a one-pen girl. The rest dry up for months, unwriting.

    A dark-and-twisted version of Bluebeard ought to be pretty much the same as the light-and-fluffy (traditional?) Bluebeard.

    • Marie Brennan

      Point, but I’d be changing it around to fit the theme of a set of existing stories, so it would actually be a different darkness and twistedness than the story has in its original form.

      • diatryma

        That’s sort of what I thought, but… ay me, I just went on a gigantic mental tangent on the subject of twists and supercoiled stories which then need writhes to take the strain. The intersection of DNA topology and fiction! Science makes for weeeeird metaphors.

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