The irritating thing about having finished “Kingspeaker” is, now that I’ve done so, I think I might be wrong about what story it is. Originally it was supposed to be one of a set I’d love to publish as a collection someday, under the title Blood and Flowers. In shorthand terms (that won’t spoil the stories), I have the GR, FW, and BG stories for that set done, and this was supposed to be the GT story, which would give me one hemisphere of the set.

But then I finished it, and I thought maybe it ought to be the GR story. Which would be irritating, since I already have a GR story, but that one isn’t great, so I wouldn’t mind replacing it (except that I still only have three of the eight, then). The more I think about it, though, the less I’m sure that works. Maybe it isn’t a Blood and Flowers story at all. Which would be really irritating. Unfortunately, that seems more and more likely to me. (There’s a thematic link to the eight, and thematically, this one doesn’t seem to want to be a part of that. Mind you, it would explain why I had a hard time putting in there the thing that was supposed to be in there. It wasn’t supposed to be in there at all.)

So now I have a Sahasraran story that maybe doesn’t belong in Blood and Flowers — grand. And if it isn’t the GT story, then it could have been a political story instead of a military one, though I suppose a war never hurt any story’s chances on the market.

But we’ll let it sit for a bitsy and age before I make any radical decisions.

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  1. sartorias

    Naughty muses. I want to smack ’em around when they pull these shenanigans!

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