two stories

Glorifying Terrorism, the anthology of political SF/F assembled in protest of a dumb British law, is officially out and about in the world as of today. It’s already netted a mention on Boing Boing, which constitutes some pretty awesome publicity. You can order it from the webpage above, though I’ll admit it’s on the expensive side if you’re an American like me (which would be most of the readers of this journal, I imagine). But my story “Execution Morning” is in it, and you want to read that, right?

It remains to be seen whether any of the UK authors involved in the anthology end up being prosecuted for it. They could be, in theory; that’s the point of the antho.

In much less politically provocative news, “A Thousand Souls” is live at Aberrant Dreams. You can read that one for free.

Man, this selling and publishing of stories is an addictive thing, ne? It’s only been a few days since my last sale, and already I’m jonesing for another. ^_^

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  1. metagnat

    I’ve heard tattoos are like that, too.

    Hi, BTW. This is Ericka. I recently friended you. We talked at a Vericonnish dinner about many authorly topics.


  2. Anonymous

    A Thousand Souls

    Loved it.

    C. Rooney

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