Order now!

Want to get on an FBI watchlist?

(Those of you who aren’t already, that is. Which might be several of you, for a variety of

There is now a website
for Glorifying Terrorism, Farah Mendlesohn’s anthology of politically provocative
fiction. It’s a British publication, so my USAian friends will have to get it shipped, but
there’s a PayPal button up now, and Farah tells us it’s going to press in the next two

And really, it only breaks a British law, not an American one (yet). So you have no reason
not to buy it and support the cause of free speech.

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  1. nconstruct

    Ahhh more fodder for my banned book collection. If it isn’t banned yet though I’ll still count it.

  2. drydem

    I know both my parents have FBI files, as they have both been to Cuba. I don’t think I’m ready for family unity in that respect.

  3. d_c_m

    Both my parents have FBI files and since I have a handgun license I’m sure I do too!! YAY!!! I shall most definitely have to get this book.

  4. Anonymous


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