Cover art

Cover’s up for
Glorifying Terrorism, the anthology that’s probably put me on an FBI watchlist of some
sort, as my story “Execution Morning” is in
it. Ordering info as soon as I have it to give.

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  1. moonandserpent

    Dude! That’s an anthology I can get behind.

  2. tooth_and_claw


    Seriously, that’s painful, writing quality non-withstanding.

    • Marie Brennan

      Farah’s funding the antho out of her own pocket, including substantial (for short fiction) sums of money to the writers. And to a non-artist, the cover just looks deliberately cartoony; the issues you no doubt have with it don’t jump out immediately.

      • Anonymous

        This is probably true– and is certainly no reflection on the anthology itself. I’d do that for free, myself, and am always surprised that other artists wouldn’t.

  3. ombriel

    Cool beans. Any idea when it comes out? Between you and Vy being in it, I’m committed to getting a copy. 🙂

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