a very good evening

Just ran the second session of “A Conspiracy of Cartographers” in Memento, wherein I merrily threw out everything I didn’t like about the merfolk and kept the bits I did like. This made me happy. High Seas Adventure! Or in this case, Underseas Adventure! Then I came upstairs and found that Talebones wants to buy “But Who Shall Lead the Dance?,” which I’d really, really been crossing my fingers for. It’s my second sale to them, and one of those submissions where I had a gut feeling that this was the place to send it. So, all in all, a very good evening.

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  1. ombriel

    Woot, congrats!

    I know I’ve read that one; could you remind me which it is?

  2. ninja_turbo


    I bought a couple issues when they had their ‘OMG we’re in trouble’ shout out, including the one with “The Twa Corbies.”

    Soon, I will send stories their way.

    • Marie Brennan

      They are, indeed, Good People, and I’m glad to know Talebones will survive for at least another year. (And not just because it means they bought this story. <g>)

  3. sapphohestia

    Congrats on another sale!

  4. markdeniz

    An unrelated comment here as I just found your LJ through the white list and remembered your wonderful story Shadow’s Bride in the Shadow Box project and thought you might be interested in our little project:


    btw I’ve added you to my flist too as your blog is interesting!


    • Marie Brennan

      I’m glad you enjoyed “Shadows’ Bride” — it was quite a challenge, fitting the length limits of that antho. Your project sounds interesting, but honestly, I write a limited amount of horror, and all of it supernatural; I’m not sure how likely I am to come with anything appropriate for your anthology. If I do, though, I’ll be sure to keep you in mind — and I appreciate the invitation.

  5. erzebet

    Congrats and hi! I saw that you found me, I friended you back. 🙂

    • Marie Brennan

      I’ve been meaning to e-mail you ever since Readercon. I had an idea for the Double Woman story that I think might help me dodge some of the problems I would otherwise face. I’d e-mail you about it now, but I’ve got half a dozen other things I really need to be doing instead.

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