Oops, he died again

“The Deaths of Christopher Marlowe”

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Inexplicably passed out for two hours, but after I woke up, my brain was ready to tackle the second version of his death.

The 6,000 is a standard estimate, by the way — I don’t know how long this will turn out to be. Currently I think it might be shorter, but everything depends on what the hell the end of this story is supposed to be.

It’s requiring an irritating amount of mid-writing research and revision (looking up the names of the guys hanged for sedition and the members of the “School of Night,” getting rid of this reference to espionage and instead putting it in that part of the story), but at least it’s getting written. After lurking in my brain for something like a year plus.

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  1. cheshyre

    Just stumbled back upon your blog because I was bored and Googling on Kit Marlowe.

    If you need research help, just ask and I’ll try to provide.

    • Marie Brennan

      Hooray for Kit attracting readers to my journal!

      (I love the way you can ID Marlowe fans by the way they call him Kit. Anybody who calls him Christopher clearly isn’t One Of Us.)

      I think I’m okay on research at the moment, but since this story still hasn’t told me where it’s headed after the next scene or so, I’m not sure. It depends on whether it’s going to just be the straight-up historical fiction it kind of looks like, or whether a speculative element is going to come bite me on the ass when I’m not expecting it.

      • cheshyre

        Any which way, I’ve already read over 30 fictional portrayals of Marlowe, including all the known fantasy/supernatural, plus multiple bios and other books on the period (including attitudes towards homosexuality and fairy folklore). I’ve got a library degree, access to resources, and I *enjoy* research. So trust me, it’d be no trouble at all… Literally my pleasure πŸ™‚

        [PS: after your story is finished/titled, let me know when I can add it to my list ;D ]

        • Marie Brennan

          Ah! The use of two usernames meant I didn’t immediately connect you to that list, which I have bookmarked. πŸ™‚

          So far, I’ve been attempting to not fall into the black hole of research. Whether I’m the one doing it or someone else is, there’s a high danger of me bogging down in details (and then, what’s worse, attempting to shoehorn in those details simply because I know them). I may, however, request fact-checking when I’m done.

          As for finishing, it should be this week; as for titling, I believe it will stay with “The Deaths of Christopher Marlowe;” as for publication, well, I can hope. πŸ™‚

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