Mail Call

Today’s mail held not only my contributor’s copies and check for Fictitious Force #2 (with my story “Sing for Me”), but my contributor’s copy for Dark Wisdom #9 (with my story “The Wood, the Bridge, the House”). I don’t even recall proofing that latter, but whether I did or not, here it is. Neat!

Also in the mail a couple of days ago was a copy of the Romantic Times Book Club review of Doppelganger. It seems they cover a lot more than just romance — which, given that they apparently review something like two hundred and fifty books in every issue, ceases to be surprising. Anyway, much of the review is a plot synopsis, but at the end it says:

Kudos to Brennan for writing such a remarkable first novel and creating a distinctive fantasy world that poses a unique magical and ethical question. The twin heroines follow an electrifying knife-edged journey that takes readers to uncharted territory. An exceptional debut for what looks to be an intriguing series!

You can’t read the RTBC reviews online, but you can see what they rated things, and when Rachel alerted me that they’d reviewed Doppelganger, I went and took a look. They gave my book four and a half stars; I presume that’s out of five, but I can’t be positive, since nothing else in that issue got more than four and a half stars.


And, just to keep my ego in check, some rejection letters in the mail, too. But I’m used to those at this point.

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  1. moonandserpent

    Sounds like you’re having a good day.

    Go you!

  2. elizaeffect

    w00t! (Boo to the rejections, though.) 😛

    • Marie Brennan

      Yeah, but really, I am used to them. It’s only when I really had hopes for a story that I get bummed, and none of my recent rejections have been like that.

  3. mrissa

    Yah, good to see you and as ToCmates in Fictitious Force!

  4. ombriel

    Woot! Reviews reviews everywhere!

    What story did you hear back from IGMS about?

    Also, I would indeed like to get together sometime to talk shop. I’m trying to decide if I should revise Silver Sands this summer or write [A Map to Dig By].

    • Marie Brennan

      “The Choice of a King.” Which really was a “hmm, new market opened, no idea what they like, what do I have lying around?” kind of sub. Mind you, I’m still not sure what they like — too soon to say, and the rejection was a form.

      and I had some interesting thoughts for the summer; I’ll chat with you about them soon.

    • moonandserpent

      Oh, by the by… wasn’t there talk of a non-fic writing group thingy? Cause, you know… I could really dig having some structure.

  5. Anonymous

    RE: Stars

    The funny thing about RT is that there is no five star rating. LOL 4.5 is the highest numerical score, but they do a 4.5 gold. It’s strange. (The rating system is shown on the top of all the review pages).

    PS: Thanks for the email! I’ll keep looking for a magical muse pixy stick for McKinley. hehe

    • jadzia325

      Logging in….

      is apparently a skill I cannot master. LOL 🙂

    • Marie Brennan

      Re: Stars

      Interesting! I hadn’t realized that.

      . . . okay, this is funny. On the search page for reviews, there is a five-star rating (plus the 4.5G). But it isn’t listed on the page that explains the rating system. So I guess you can search for it, but you won’t turn anything up. 🙂

      • Marie Brennan

        Re: Stars

        Or I could have tried searching before I said that. There are eleven titles in their system with five stars. I wonder if they just decided to retire that rating and replace it with 4.5G, and if so, why.

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