I must be a real author!

Harriet Klausner has reviewed Doppelganger.

DOPPELGANGER is a spellbinding, fantastic and unique fantasy due to the cast. Both Mirage and Miryo are two sides of the same coin except that one is a witch and the other a warrior. Although this is Marie Brennan’s first book, she proves she is a talented storyteller and a creative worldbuilder. Although there is a lot of action in this novel, the characters are fully developed and readers understand them because they have similar feelings and concerns as the readers do.

So, who is Harriet Klausner? She’s a woman who’s managed, in a fairly short span of time, to gain a substantial amount of clout in the reviewing world, by dint of the fact that she reads an enormous number of books. You know that challenge, where you’re supposed to read fifty-two books in a year? This woman probably reads fifty-two books a week. Maybe more. And she reviews them all. She’s achieved enough status that publishing companies deliberately send her review copies. Devi told me some time ago that yes, they were sending Doppelganger to her, so it was neat to see this go up.

If you want to read more of her reviews, she has a website, but a word of caution: one gripe I’ve heard against her style is that she tends to give plot spoilers in her reviews. I can vouch for the truth of that with her Doppelganger piece; she doesn’t describe the whole plot of the book, but she does mention something that I would consider to be a spoiler. So if you go browsing her archive, do so with care.

On a related note, the cover for Warrior and Witch is FRICKIN’ AWESOME. Devi and Rachel and I are drooling over it. You’d better believe I’ll post it the instant I get the go-ahead.

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  1. danielmc

    and WHEN is Doppleganger getting released and where is the signing?


  2. kitsune_den

    Isn’t it April 1st?

    Can’t wait to see the new cover!!

  3. selenya

    Whee!! So excited for you!!

  4. kitsune_den

    You know, it’s not actually coming out at all…it’s just the most elaborate April Fool’s Day hoax ever concocted.

    • ninja_turbo

      The Warner Books offices would run red with blood if it were all a hoax.

      Woman’s got swords, yo.

      • kitsune_den

        Oh…I meant a hoax staged by bneuensc and kneidzw, with k-man setting up all the bogus websites, and bneuensc doing the copy.

    • Marie Brennan

      Don’t think it hasn’t crossed my mind.

      But supposedly it’ll be starting to come out late in March; April 1st is the date by which stores ought to have it in stock. Or so I’m told.

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