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If you missed it over the weekend . . . .

I posted a new excerpt from A Star Shall Fall (beginning of the whole is here).

And while I’m tidying up my browser, I might as well make this a linkdump post and add in two other things:

Cat Valente on the power of the suit — which I note mostly because, as I was saying to a friend recently, I have essentially no fashion registers between “jeans and t-shirt” and “formal wear.” I’ve sort of acquired a degree of business casual, left over from the year when I was teaching my own (non-archaeology-related*) classes, which you can see in action at ICFA and other warm-weather cons, but most of the time I default to a higher degree of slobbiness. But I really enjoy dressing up, i.e. actual fancy wear. It’s just the middle registers I don’t have much use for.

The Pleasures of Imagination — what struck me in this was a bit near the end, where the author said,

I have argued that our emotions are partially insensitive to the contrast between real versus imaginary, but it is not as if we don’t care—real events are typically more moving than their fictional counterparts. This is in part because real events can affect us in the real world, and in part because we tend to ruminate about the implications of real-world acts. When the movie is finished or the show is canceled, the characters are over and done with. It would be odd to worry about how Hamlet’s friends are coping with his death because these friends don’t exist; to think about them would involve creating a novel fiction.

And I immediately thought, “hello, fanfiction.” Because the aftermath of trauma is one of several fertile areas out of which derivative works can sprout.

This has been your not-at-all-regularly-scheduled schizophrenic link post.

*My theory was that when you’re assistant-teaching intro to archaeology, you’ll actually get more cred by showing up in jeans and a flannel shirt than a skirt and heels.

80 days and counting

The other writing-related bit of news I promised is another excerpt from A Star Shall Fall. This one introduces Mr. Galen St. Clair, first of the novel’s two protagonists — with a bonus cameo appearance by a Famous Historical Figure. (Who, like Newton, and indeed most of the FHFs that show up in this book, is not so good with the social graces. I guess that’s what happens when your book concerns itself with scientific history.)

If you missed the earlier excerpts, the beginning is here. Enjoy!


Ahem. What I meant to say was, I have ARCs of A Star Shall Fall, and I am doing my very best not to hug them and squeeze them and call them George, but it’s hard, because you put in months and months and months of work, and this is the first point at which it really starts to seem like that thing you poured your brain into is actually going to be a book.

In honor of that, I’ll jump the gun by three days and give you what I planned to post one hundred days before the street date: the prologue. More excerpts will come later, and other goodies too; and if you leave a comment to this post, I’ll put your name into the hat for a drawing, the winner to receive a signed ARC of A Star Shall Fall. (With bonus copy of In Ashes Lie, if the winner doesn’t already own it; I’ve ended up with an absurd number of those, and need to send them to good homes.)

So. Enjoy the prologue, comment here if you want an ARC, and while you’re at it, think about bidding on a piece of Onyx Court history.

Edit: this particular giveaway is now closed. But stay tuned; there will be others.

last excerpt

Normally, when posting novel excerpts, I just go from the beginning until I reach a suitable stopping point a suitable way in.

In Ashes Lie, however, is a nonlinear novel: it cuts back and forth between the four days of the Great Fire, and the events leading up to that point. Because of that, I’ve decided to skip ahead, in order to give you a taste of the Fire scenes. (Don’t worry about spoilers; the only thing you really need to know is that Nicneven — mentioned in an earlier scene — has grown to be a major threat against the Onyx Court.)

I don’t really get into the mode of Blowing Shit Up until later, but hopefully that will whet your appetite just a little.

(If you missed or want to re-read the earlier excerpts, they start here.)

That’s it for IAL samples — you’ll have the rest of the book in a little over a month — but stay tuned for a few more treats . . . .

A day late

I meant to post this after getting home from ICFA last night, but got distracted. Eighty days seventy-nine days to the publication of In Ashes Lie, and today’s bit of added content . . . comes from Midnight Never Come, actually.

Long-time readers of this journal may recall that back when I drafted that book, I had to re-write a substantial chunk of Act One — basically Deven’s chunk of it, almost in its entirety. Therefore, in the spirit of the “deleted scenes” they put on some DVDs, you can read the original draft, complete with some notes about why it got replaced (and what I wish I could have kept).

There’s mild spoilers for MNC in the discussion of those scenes, so if you want to say and/or ask anything about them, I direct you to the spoiler thread for the novel; comment there instead of here.

One Hundred Days . . .

. . . and counting.

As with last year, I’m going to dole out bits of stuff to keep you all interested between now and the release date of In Ashes Lie, on the tenth of June. Expect something every ten days, assuming I can keep myself organized enough to put everything together, and alert enough to post it when the appropriate day rolls around.

Today? You get your first taste of the book.

last excerpt

With forty days to go until Midnight Never Come hits the shelves, I’ve posted the last portion of the excerpt. It’s a long one, so keep clicking through. (Alternatively, you can start back at the beginning.)

(Confidential to sora_blue: You can finally get the answer to your question from a month ago!)

That will actually be the last of the MNC promotional stuff for a while. I leave next week for London, where I will have many adventures researching the next book, and then I will be in the Mediterranean, trying to do no work at all. There will, however, be one last nifty thing, just before the book comes out. And in the interim, you will be getting the return of the trip-blogging, which I know many people enjoyed last year. So enjoy!

more excerpt!

That’s right, folks; it’s time for another bit of Midnight Never Come. You can start at the beginning, or pick up with with the new material. There are two scenes posted, one introducing Deven, the other for Lune.

There will be one more addition to the excerpt before the book’s publication, and several other goodies of a different kind. Read and enjoy!

Greetings from sunny Florida!

Yesterday I went swimming, then sat out in the sun to let my hair dry. *^_^*

I do so love ICFA. Even if it makes me get up at 7:30 in the morning to do a reading (and many thanks to the few hardy souls who came by to listen to us). Anyway, by a lovely coincidence of fate, my reading fell on the same day that I was planning to post my next excerpt from Midnight Never Come.

That’s the second part of what I read (and be sure to click past that initial page; there’s more to be had). The first part was, of course, the prologue; for the third part, you’ll have to wait a while, as it won’t be posted until shortly before the book comes out.

Which is far too long from now. <sigh>