last scene

With this final installment of the excerpt, I’ve hit the limit of what I’m allowed to post online (which is approximately 10% of the book). You finally get to see Miryo — mostly I alternate evenly between her and Mirage, but the timing of certain plot elements means they each get one instance of two chapters in a row, and Mirage’s happens to be at the beginning of the novel.

So that’s it for the excerpt, but stay tuned; there will be other goodies. Including the Long-Lost Original First Scene, which was the first bit to get written, but which got cut some time ago, for reasons I’ll explain when I post it. And any other tidbits I can think of to put up. (Hmmm. Do I have the self-confidence necessary to post the truly atrocious map I originally drew? I might. We’ll see. I could post The Evolution Of The Map as a cartography essay, I suppose.)

Back to grant-proposal writing.

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  1. moonandserpent

    Be careful, I’m finding the Ambergrisian method of negotiating with cartographers very tempting these days.

  2. lowellboyslash

    I could post The Evolution Of The Map as a cartography essay

    No no no! My Ph.D. research topic! Mine!

  3. Anonymous


    I picked up the book at Border’s in Indy today; they didn’t have it on the shelves yet, so the woman had to go fetch it from the back for me; but when she did, she brought out 6-7 other copies to put on the shelf.

    I’ll start in on it tonight or tomorrow, and let you know what I think.


  4. Anonymous

    “I could post The Evolution Of The Map as a cartography essay, I suppose.”

    I’d like to see that.

    But concerning maps: is it standard operating procedure to include a map with every fantasy novel these days? I see one in virtually every fantasy book, whether it’s necessary or not.


    • Marie Brennan

      <shrug> Lots of people like them, and it’s handy to get a visual of a secondary world. They’re by no means required, though. I put one in Doppelganger because the characters spend such a large amount of time chasing each other around.

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