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Lego Tower Bridge Photoblog: Days Zero and One

There was enough interest in a photoblog of my progress on the Lego Tower Bridge that I decided to go ahead with it.

Here’s something you have to understand: I love spatial stuff. Every Christmas, my mother, my brother, and I do a holiday jigsaw puzzle. I think they’re generally a thousand pieces — whatever fits on the kitchen counter, anyway — and we polish them off in a few days flat, in part because I will kind of just sit there and put pieces in until somebody makes me stop. A few years ago I suggested we try one of those 3D jigsaw puzzles, and ended up doing ninety percent of it myself, because I was the one who really wanted it; the puzzle was Neuschwanstein, and it still sits atop my desk at home. Last month my mother said I could have gone to work for Lego as one of their designers, and it’s probably true; spatial reasoning has always been one of my strong suits.

So this is a most excellent present for my husband to have gotten for me. And, like the Christmas jigsaw puzzles, I’m inclined to marathon on it unless somebody makes me stop. Since I have work to do, I’ve imposed a self-restriction, which is that I’m only allowed to play with the Legos while watching movies with friends. At the moment, we have plans to do movie double-headers every Sunday night for a while, so you’ll likely get Monday updates to the photoblog.

Behind the cut, for the sake of people’s flists, you’ll find the progress from Day Zero and Day One.

Also an explanation for why there's a Day Zero.

my break from the copy-edits

kniedzw gave me my Valentine’s Day present early, on the grounds that it would be better for me to have it before I finish the last major work on With Fate Conspire:

Four thousand two hundred eighty-seven pieces in twenty-eight sacks. Three magazine-sized instruction booklets; god knows how many steps in total, especially since after you go through all eighty-one stages (not counting sub-stages) to build one tower, you do it all over again for the second one.

This is gonna take a while.

I may photoblog the process. (And, as kniedzw suggested, try to stage that ending scene from Sherlock Holmes on the unfinished structure.)