Is there a faster way to clean fountain pen nibs?

Every time I want to clean out a fountain pen and change inks, I swear, it takes forever. I have a bulb I use to flush water through the feed and the nib, but even after I’ve put through probably two hundred times as much water as there can possibly be ink remaining, it’s still coming out visibly colored. I have one of those sonic jewelry cleaners, too, but I feel like it just leaves the pens marinating in inky water (especially if I don’t clean them the other way first); I have to change it out enough times that I’m not sure it’s really faster or all that much less labor-intensive than flushing them by hand. Is there a faster way I’m just overlooking, or is this simply how it goes with fountain pens?

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  1. Mia

    Hello! I know I’m late to this post, so I’m not sure if you’ve already found a solution you like. When I want to “deep clean” my fountain pen nibs, I use Goulet Pen Flush, from Goulet Pen Co. ( I’m sure that other companies make a flush that will do the trick, too, but this is the brand that I have used and found to work for me. I always make sure to separate the nib from the feed and soak both to remove any leftover inks, but you can also pump the flush through the feed and into the converter/reservoir, as well. I have also found success using this flush when my nib is clogged.

    I hope this is helpful! I’m a big fan of your books and am always on the lookout for your work.

    • swantower

      Thanks! I’ve gotten recs for both the flush and the disassembling (from separate people) — I’ll admit, I’m really nervous about taking the nib and the feed apart! I’ve only ever cleaned them as a unit.

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