Late in 2019, I got an email inviting me to be the Author Guest of Honor at JordanCon in April 2021.

. . . yyyyyeah, obviously that didn’t go as planned.

But! JordanCon will be happening this year, and it will even be an in-person event, the weekend of July 16th-18th. Now, I imagine several of you are thinking that’s on the early side to be doing this kind of thing, and you’re not wrong — so it’s important to state up front that the con staff are taking stringent precautions around this. I don’t just mean requiring masks at all times (though that, too): they’re requiring proof of full vaccination no less than two weeks before the con (with medical exemptions handled on a case-by-case basis), along with daily temperature checks at the event. They’ve reduced capacity and won’t be having features like the con suite, room parties, or other things that involve people unmasking and/or being shoved into very close proximity with each other.

It’s still going to be fun. We’re looking into ways to do things like stream panels to other rooms and hold outdoor activities; it’s my intent to come up with as many creative things to do that are compatible with social distancing as possible. If you’re able to come, I hope to see you there! And even if you aren’t, note that JordanCon is holding a fundraiser — like many, many organizations right now, they’ve taken a financial hit due to not holding their 2020 event, so they’re working to make sure the con will be able to continue in the future.

This will certainly be a unique GoH gig for me (at least, I hope it remains unique). But I’m looking forward to it!

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