New Worlds, Year Four!

I failed to schedule this for the publication date — but that’s all right; the book did not go off sale in the last twenty-four hours. 🙂

cover art for NEW WORLDS, YEAR FOUR by Marie Brennan

New Worlds, Year Four is out now! It’s a little croggling to realize my Patreon really and truly has been running for over four years without pause. But I’m quite proud of the body of work represented in the collections so far, and I’m still going strong on the topic of worldbuilding. You can get the ebook now from Book View Cafe (the publisher and host of the essays in their initial run), Amazon (note that I get a commission through that link, though I encourage you to buy from something other than the Bezos Behemoth if you can), Barnes & Noble, Google Play, iTunes, Kobo, Indigo for the Canadians among you, and Amazon UK for the Brits. The print edition will follow in June, if you prefer to have it in dead tree edition.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to polish up this week’s essay . . .

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