Point and Click Adventure Games

I’ve always liked the “point and click adventure” style of video game. You know, the kind of thing Sierra was known for, back in the heyday of this genre: games where you wandered around talking to people and clicking on everything that was clickable to add it to your inventory, and then when you got to a challenge sticking your inventory items on it (or on each other, to make a new inventory item) until you figured out how to solve the problem. Many of these games were low-stakes, in that you could only die at a few specific points, and their overall focus was on story.

Does anybody have recmmendations for more games of that type? Either classics that are available on Steam or GOG, or newer games made in that mold. I’m a huge fan of the Gabriel Knight series, and I’ve also played various King’s Quest and Monkey Island games; I recently finished the more recent Blackwell series, and have also played Gray Matter, by the creator of the GK games. I like ’em because they don’t take too long to play and they don’t make me worry my character is going to die, and it would be nice to have some more to entertain myself with in my spare time. Fantasy genre preferred, but feel free to recommend whatever.

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  1. Robert

    I believe the company “Telltale Games” specialises in producing new games like that these days, e.g. “Back to the Future” and various other movie & TV tie-in games, as well as continuations of some classic series (Monkey Island, Sam & Max)

    See https://telltale.com/ for more info.

    As for classics, Grim Fandango, Monkey Island, and the Discworld games are worth a look, and if you can somehow get your hands on a copy of Blade Runner, that was really interesting from what I’ve heard. (I read somewhere that it will never be available on newer operating systems as the company who made it lost the source code)

  2. Robert

    Addendum: Not a Point & Click adventure, but for a story-based game with low stakes and yet huge amounts of joy, I would heartily recommend 80 Days by Inkle Studios. They have a new game coming out, too, which promises to be something really special (and might be closer to point & click than their previous text adventures)

  3. Courtney Burson

    Xbox has “Escapists” which is pretty much escaping from a jail, but at a larger scale than most escape games.

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