Lady Trent fan art!

For ages now I’ve been meaning to post about a lovely piece of fan art a reader sent me some time ago. Then, while I was failing to scan that and make the post, somebody else showed up online with a different lovely piece of fan art. And then, while I was drowning in finishing a book draft and still not making the post, yet a third reader made fan jewelry . . . and gave it to me as a present when I went to Borderlands Books for the LitCrawl.

Friends, three things make a post. So here, have fan art!

First up is from Chelsea Younglove:

"Dragon," by Chelsea Younglove
“Dragon,” by Chelsea Younglove

Second comes from Craig Houghton, via Twitter:

"Lady Trent" by Craig Houghton
“Lady Trent” by Craig Houghton

And the third is a necklace made by H. Emiko Ogasawara, based on Todd Lockwood’s sparkling sketch in A Natural History of Dragons:

"Sparkling" (necklace), by H. Emiko Ogasawara
“Sparkling” (necklace), by H. Emiko Ogasawara

This kind of thing is awesome enough (and now numerous enough) that I’ve made a Lady Trent fan art page on my website. If you have a piece of fan art you’d be willing to let me showcase there, just let me know!

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  1. Carolyn McBride

    How awesome! Thanks so much for sharing it with all of us.

  2. Jeremy Brett


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