Sekrit Projekt R&R, Chapter 15

Yeah, we wrote another chapter over the weekend.

This is partly because it bugged us both that we didn’t get more done during the week (even though we knew we had multiple good reasons for that), and partly because . . . I really wasn’t good for much else, the past few days. What I thought was a cold turned into a gnarly throat infection, and I spent most of Friday and Saturday following a carefully-scheduled regimen of two different painkillers, warm salt water, herbal tea with honey, and anaesthetic cough drops and throat spray, that left me without much energy for stuff around the house. But the next few scenes were mapped out clearly enough that I could write, and that way I didn’t feel like the time had totally gone down the drain.

This is a very delicate part of the book. Someone has some information, but it needs to be unclear to the reader who has that information, due to the layer cake of lies and obfuscation that is most of our characters’ lives. And we need to make someone behave in ways that will be internally consistent, send one message right now, and be reinterpretable as something else entirely at the end of the book. Plus our main protagonist R— is coming apart at the seams, and while it’s entertaining to make her screw up the steps of the Dishonesty Dance (which she can normally perform in her sleep), we need to make sure those screw-ups are meaningful, without totally blowing the whole plot out of the water.

So, y’know. Nothing complicated to see here. Move along.

Word count: ~119,000
Authorial sadism: Nightmares come true. Well, sort of. I mean, not really. But close enough to that to make R— completely lose what remains of her shit.
Authorial amusement: Surprise deployment of the World’s Gaudiest Spider! And I would be lying if I said the “nightmares come true” thing wasn’t pretty much the high point of this book for us.
BLR quotient: You can’t see it from where you’re standing, but love, all the way.

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