Sekrit Projekt R&R, Chapter 14

Various factors (the holiday, my family visiting, me being sick, etc) meant we didn’t do as much this week as we have been lately. I’m reminding myself that this is totally fine: the benchmark Alyc and I set for ourselves at the outset, the “this is a pace we can easily maintain and only if we drop below that threshold do we need to sit down and have a conversation about slacking off” line we agreed on . . . was five thousand words a week. By that metric, we ought to have just hit the 50K mark.

We have nearly 113K words of book. Of which 5400 was written this week.

So yeah. Not our most productive week, but the only reason it feels off is because our average level of productivity has been wildly above what we originally estimated. And we knew going into this that there would be times when illness or other factors would slow us down.

We’ve also done a lot of work in sorting out the back half of the book, threading in a new angle on the main plot to make it a little more complicated and give our heroes more points at which they can intervene. This has involved, among other things, taking a character who used to be a naive innocent looking for love in the wrong place, and turning her into a hardened revolutionary. Still looking for love in the wrong place, mind you, but she’s much less pitiable than before, and much more interesting. But we aren’t really to the meat of that yet; first we have to get through the current crisis. And before that can be resolved, we have to get through the next chapter, which contains a scene we’ve been looking forward to since before we started drafting. 😀

Word count: ~113,000
Authorial sadism: Sometimes it’s the little moments that are the worst. Yeah, yeah, grief and people being supernaturally cursed . . . but the thing I most want to save our characters from is that moment where R— pulls back from V—‘s hand. It isn’t responsible for sending everything wrong, but it certainly doesn’t help.
Authorial amusement: Forgetting to cue Ally #1 to respond to a different signal than Ally #2, with the result that they both come stampeding in to help at the same time.
BLR quotient: See above re: grief and curses. This chapter is not without its love, but right now blood has the upper hand.

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