R&R, Chapter Three

I used to blog my progress through writing novel drafts, back when it was the Onyx Court books. Fell out of it with the Memoirs, and I’m not sure why. But I was remembering that I used to log three things with each post: the current word count, Authorial Sadism, and the LBR quota, i.e. “love, blood, and rhetoric.” Since Alyc and I announced Sekrit Projekt R&R yesterday, and moreover it is very much an LBR kind of book, I think I’ll take another crack at progress-blogging!

Current word count: ~26000
LBR quota: With our first fight scene and our first dead body (not, as it happens, produced by the fight scene), you would think blood would win out this week. But I think that in hindsight this chapter will be more memorable for love, non-obvious though it is. 🙂
Authorial sadism: Somebody got what was coming to him, but that’s more just desserts than sadism. I’m going to award this week’s laurel to a different character really regretting their choice of priorities. And also “I can’t sleep” being a line worthy of your creepier class of Doctor Who episodes.

Next week is likely to be a whole lotta rhetoric, as that’s the category I used to put politics into during the Onyx Court days. But also some love, again more visible in hindsight than fore.

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