New Worlds: Divorce

There’s still so much I could say on the topic of marriage, but since I try not to sit on any one subject for too long, we’re wrapping up this month of the New Worlds Patreon with divorce.

And that concludes the first year of this project! It’s going strong, with enough topics on my hit list that I’m sure I’ll be able to fill a second year — and probably a third — and at the rate I keep coming up with new things to discuss, probably a fourth. Now is a splendid time to become a patron (because it’s always a splendid time to become a patron!). If you are one already, thank you so much for your support.

2 Responses to “New Worlds: Divorce”

  1. gannaise

    Please do continue. I really enjoyed those essays.

    • swantower

      Oh, I intend to! I have way too much left to say for me to stop now. 🙂

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