Better late than never

I forgot to make this post on the first of the month, but that’s okay, because it gives me a semi-clever hook for starting it: “better late than never.” That’s just as true with tikkun olam as it is with blog posts. It may be preferable to do things right away . . . but it’s easy to talk yourself into thinking that because you didn’t do it then, there’s no point in doing it now. Which isnt true. It’s never too late to do something to repair the world; the world is never made better by deciding to pass on some action that might improve it.

You know the drill. Share in the comments what you’ve done lately, however small it may be, however old hat. If you volunteered, helped a family member or friend or neighbor or total stranger, donated goods or money, changed your life in ways that make you a better citizen of this planet, or otherwise did something good, share it here. You’re not alone, and seeing other people’s stories may inspire you to new actions. Do what you can, even if it comes a little late.

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