Remember the three tenets

I have a back-burner project about a group of people involved in a really big movement. The project needs a lot more development, but I know their three tenets:

  1. You can’t do it all by yourself. We have to do it together.
  2. You can’t do it all at once. We have to do it bit by bit.
  3. Just because something is small, doesn’t make it not worth doing.

Welcome to this month’s tikkun olam open thread. Share with us all the things you’ve done to repair the world. If you’ve helped out with a cause or an individual person, if you’ve donated money or goods, if you’ve improved your own life in a way that will rebound on others, or if you’re planning on doing those things in the upcoming weeks, please tell us about it.

And remember tenet #3 above. Even small deeds are worth doing, and worth sharing.

One Response to “Remember the three tenets”

  1. swantower

    My own contributions:

    More petitions and emails, though I’ve slacked off on calling my reps directly.

    I participated in both the Tax Day March and the Science March.

    I’ve volunteered for Swing Left, though I haven’t heard back on the things I offered to do, so I should follow up on that.

    Something I’ve been doing for months, but forgot to mention until now: I’ve kept the heat several degrees colder than I normally do. This is kind of huge for me, because I hate being cold — but my office is one of the warmest rooms in the house, so I can cope even if other areas are colder. And in the den, which is the coldest room, I have a space heater I sometimes use (which runs on our now-solar electricity instead of gas).

    And on a professional front, my next novel is going to have a mixed-race heroine and a major secondary character who would, in our terms, be on the autism spectrum. After that, I’m looking at developing a project with a bisexual genderqueer protagonist. Apparently my subconscious’s response to an upswing in bigotry is to say WELL OKAY THEN and roll up its sleeves?

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