Help me find a song?

I’m trying to pick a song to serve as the “soundtrack” to a certain aspect of one of the games I’m in, and I’m coming up empty. So I turn to you, o internets, for recommendations!

The thing I’m trying to set to music is a situation where two character who both have a crap-ton of secrets (including false identities) are going through kind of a fencing match/cat-and-mouse game of figuring each other out and maybe developing something resembling trust. In a perfect world, the song for this would be a male/female duet, but that’s icing on the cake if I can get it; mostly I just need a song that fits the concept. Or, if I can’t get suitable lyrics, something instrumental that is both lush and a little playful. (With a library of over 17000 songs, you’d think I would be able to find something that fits. But nothing has clicked: the closest I’ve come is “Qué Viyéra,” which still isn’t quite right.)

Any suggestions?

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    • swantower

      Spotify got unhelpful about playing the correct track for me — it would just pull up the album — but I found a lot of excellent new music, so thank you! I hadn’t heard Indila before. And I hadn’t realized Rodrigo y Gabriela collaborated with Zimmer for On Stranger Tides; they bring some amazing life to that thing. “Angelica” doesn’t quite fit the mood I want here, but it went straight onto the playlist for an upcoming fiction project. 😀

  1. D.Elan

    Siouxsie and the Banshees’s “Face to Face” comes to mind but the song has romantic tones to it, so I don’t know if that will help or hinder.

  2. Nyx

    Sounds a lot like what happens in Death Note(the first arc anyways)
    found a few songs that might go with what you have in mind:
    These are from Death Note, so they should fit a lot of the aspects your looking for:

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