Answering the urgent question

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: ‘What are you doing for others?'” — Martin Luther King, Jr.

Another month begins; another tikkun olam post.

It may sound odd, but the above quote makes me think of something two friends of mine once said at the beginning of a LARP they were running. They pointed out that if you come into a game with your main goal being to have fun, then there’s one person working to make sure you enjoy yourself. But if everybody comes into game with their main goal being to help other players have fun, then you have a whole bunch of people workign to make sure you enjoy yourself. So it is with the world: if you only try to help yourself, that’s one person. If we all try to help each other . . . yeah.

Share that help with the world. Volunteer work, donations in money or kind, acts of kindness, anything you’ve done to repair the world. No act too small. Repeated and ongoing acts welcome. Any good is good.

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  1. swantower

    Late in responding to my own post . . .

    Ongoing stuff: petitions, calling my reps, etc.

    I made a massive donation of clothing to a cerebral palsy charity. I found where my Black Lives Matter pin had vanished to and put it on my purse, so it will be with me no matter what I’m wearing. And — this is small, but I’ve decided it counts — I went to see the Power Rangers movie not just because it looked fun, but because I wanted to support a film with a cast that covers a broad cross-section of race, sexuality, and even neurodiversity.

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