two last icons!

I realized recently that not only do I not have an icon for Within the Sanctuary of Wings, I don’t have one for In the Labyrinth of Drakes, either.

So! I have two ARCs of Sanctuary to offer in exchange for people making me pretty icons out of the cover art for those books. You can find the full images for Labyrinth here and Sanctuary here. The icons need to be 100×100 pixels and contain the titles of the books; beyond that, arrange ’em however you like. I’ll pick two recips out of everyone who sends me an icon — so if you want the book early, fire up your mouse!

4 Responses to “two last icons!”

  1. Anthony Docimo

    Its been a while since i used Photobucket, I hope these are suitable. this was fun.

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  3. Izzy A.

    Hi Marie! Check out these two icons for Sanctuary! I’ll upload more including some for Labyrinth soon! 🙂 I can also email these images to you if you can’t download/view them for some reason. Hope you like them!

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