It isn’t nice to taunt . . . and you still have nearly five weeks to wait before the novel itself can be in your hands. But if you need your appetite whetted just that little bit more, Tor has posted the first chapter of Within the Sanctuary of Wings.

April 25th. If you think you’re chewing your fingernails off, know that mine went away months ago!

One Response to “a sneak peek for WITHIN THE SANCTUARY OF WINGS”

  1. Elizabeth Wilson

    I would like to thank you for helping me not to be a bad writer. An idea was growing out of something Naomi Novik did at the end of His Majesty’s Dragon, and there you are with the Isabella Trent novels Saving me from bad prose. I have been enjoying not only the books, but Todd Lockwood’s covers and interior illustrations. I just wish you came to a convention within driving range of Northeast Ohio, because I would love to “bug” you with pesky questions on world building and culture creations. I did enjoy that first post on “time” in Patreon. I started reading SF because there are only so-many books for small children on Space Flight, especially in the 1960″s. Your fantasy seems to be reawakening my taste for the “what-if” as far a culture, and other anthropological matters are concerned. Please go on to different worlds. I’ll probably follow. I’ll be getting my copy of “Sanctuary” from a bookseller from the Columbus, Ohio area. Possible at Marcon.

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