Giving away one (or two!) ARCs of WITHIN THE SANCTUARY OF WINGS

Wanna know how Lady Trent’s story concludes — before the book hits the shelves?

This Wednesday, March 1st, I’ll be giving away an advance reader copy to one newsletter subscriber. If you’re already signed up, you’re set; if you aren’t, you can do that here.

And when I went on Twitter to post about the giveaway, I saw I’m quite close to having two thousand followers. When I hit the magical 2K, I’ll also pick one Twitter follower to receive an ARC. I’m @swan_tower over there, if you’re interested.

3 Responses to “Giving away one (or two!) ARCs of WITHIN THE SANCTUARY OF WINGS”

  1. Anthony Docimo

    While I’m always interested to see how the latest chapter of Lady Trent’s life turns out in each book, I won’t be happy to read the end of her (i’ll still read the book; but in my mind, i’ll always imagine her peacefully retired and-or off on another adventure saving the world)

    And I’ll always thank you for writing great stories.

    • swantower

      Then the first paragraph of the book may please you:

      “Writing the final volume of one’s memoirs is a very peculiar experience. This book does not chronicle the end of my life, as I am not yet dead; indeed, I am still hale enough that I hope to enjoy many years to come. It does not even chronicle the end of my career: I have done a great many things since the events described herein, and am rather proud of some of them.”


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