It’s Appreciate a Dragon Day!

The internet tells me that today is Appreciate a Dragon Day. I can think of no finer way to celebrate this than to give away an advance copy of Within the Sanctuary of Wings. To enter into the contest, all you need to do is post a comment or email me describing the type of dragon you would most want to have. Is your dream dragon big enough to ride on, or small enough to keep in the house as a pet? European-style or Asian-style (or some other style)? Scaly or leathery? A fire-breather or otherwise? Do you want a teleporting Pern dragon, a magical D&D dragon, a feral beast of a dragon, Puff the Magic Dragon? Share your dragon dreams for a chance to win the book!

13 Responses to “It’s Appreciate a Dragon Day!”

  1. Siduri

    I would like a Dragon small enough to sit on my desk to help me with research, archive my notes, and assist me in sparking my creativity. I think that my Dragon should also be a deep indigo blue…with silver horns, silver eyes, and tiny silver wings.

  2. Amanda

    I discovered McCaffrey’s Pern novels when I was in fifth grade. Since then, I have wanted nothing more than to impress a telepathic dragon who could teleport me through space and time. While a fire lizard would certainly be more practical, being a dragonrider would be worth the inconvenience of housing a dragon.

  3. Aaryan

    This is a hard question. Its hard to single out a specific variety of dragons, but I’ll go with a cross between the Nightfury from HTTYD and the dragons from Eragon. Sleek, lithe hunters of extraordinary intelligence and cunning, with an arsenal of various breaths, fire or otherwise. Not simply pets, although some do decide to give their loyalty to humans(or other races), while the majority are fiercely independent. Prideful, and without hesitation will unleash their wrath on those who ask for it.

  4. Michael

    I would love a European style dragon that was scaly and big enough to ride on! Like dragons out of Eragon.

  5. Darrell

    A classic Beowulf-style dragon that comes with a mountain of gold.

  6. Tash

    My ideal dragon is a midnight blue dragon. Body no larger than my palm but with a long slim tail. It likes it perch on my shoulder and has a tendency to fly off when bored. In the wild it’s found in the Black Forest. It snacks on berries and small mammals (mice, squirrels, the occasional hedgehog). It nests inside hollow trees and lines it’s nest with pine branches.

  7. Aaron

    Where I grew up as a child there was a mountain range whose crest I always imagined was a sleeping dragon. I would want/not want that dragon to wake up and set things straight.

  8. Kacper

    An elemental dragon that close up and in detail looks like various phenomena falling under it’s elemental domain, but when you look at it from distance, you can see that it’s a living, dragon-shaped form of energy and substance with everything inside interconnected, constantly shifting around and in elemental harmony which looks like ordered primordial chaos.
    …I like trippy cosmic asian dragons.

  9. Michelle Moore

    Well, as much as I’d adore a huge dragon, I’m not sure it’s practical.. so I dream of a very small dragon, to be constantly by my side. Small, yet still majestic looking, possibly grey/silver and a deep blue. Many would think him cute, but he’d have the ability to breathe fire if provoked!
    Sigh.. dragons must have existed somewhere, at some time.. any would be great!

  10. Angela

    Dream dragon… I would love one the size of a pitbull. I would take it on walks, we would play in a park or on a forest trail. Rather than me worrying about snakes biting me, I would be worried about my dragon eating one. I think it would be great if it could breathe fire and fly even if I couldn’t ride it. Someone who would be a great companion. Careful enough that I wouldn’t have to worry to much about it eating my future bearded dragon. Playful and energetic and constantly making me go to the store to get new toys for him or her. Scaly like a snake or fish, a sand or grey and white color. European style would suit me fine. A few spines around the neck would be great. Also I would like it to coo when it was really happy. Yeah. That would be a great dragon for me.

  11. Anthony Docimo

    For many long years, I would have been delighted to have had a Wher from Pern. Good companionship with a creature as uncomfortable in social situations as I was.
    But these past few years have seen me lessen how much I want to deal with animal droppings, pests, and parasites. Now I’m more interested in the evolution and science of life, and your Lady Trent stories’ dragons hit the spot every time most satisfactorily. (and they remind me of my fondness for reading of the youth of Jane Goodall and Gerald Durrell). If I could, I’d like a field guide or other collection of illustrations and facts about the varied genera of dragons.
    I thank you for your time.

    • swantower

      I have to admit, I wouldn’t want to deal with maintaining a large animal, either. 🙂 I’m glad you’re enjoying the series!

  12. Anthony Docimo

    I think the pet that ruined it for me, were the guinea pigs – not very big as pets go, but there was so – very – much poop to clean up. (always enjoying the series; waiting patiently for the next book to arrive on shelves)

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