What to do with the pork seasoning?

I have a packet of really excellent-smelling pork seasoning.

I think I would like to make pulled pork sandwiches with it, because a slow-cooker recipe would be ideal for the logistics at hand.

How should I go about this? My pulled pork slow-cooker recipe calls for bbq sauce and a little bit of honey; should I just chuck the seasoning in with that (no, I have no idea what’s in it), or should I substitute something else for the liquid component? If so, what? Help me, o chefs more skilled than I!

2 Responses to “What to do with the pork seasoning?”

  1. Irina

    Intuition says tomato ketchup (isn’t bbq sauce seasoned ketchup anyway?)
    (disclaimer: I never use ready-made seasoning myself)

  2. k8

    This post ( http://www.thekitchn.com/how-to-cook-and-shred-a-pork-shoulder-for-pulled-pork-79485 ) breaks down not only solid ways of preparing, cooking and shredding pulled pork, but also all the many ways you can go with it. I prefer it to the slow cooker if only because i have neither the forethought nor the patience for the slow cooker; three hours in the oven, and it’s just as tender and juicy. But you can also do it over several hours in the crock pot. For liquids, there are a lot of options; root beer is a favorite, but there’s also broth, beer, wine, orange juice, pineapple soda, Dr. Pepper… kind of depends what you’re going for.

    (And if that seasoning could work with tacos, then i recommend going this route: https://www.tastingtable.com/cook/recipes/braised-pork-al-pastor-tacos-recipe-easy-slow-cooker-recipes )

    Mmmmm….pork butt.

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