And so 2017 begins

It is the first of the month, and the first of the year. 2017 seems likely to be difficult, so let’s talk about tikkun olam.

The comment thread is open for your news of repairing the world. Have you made a donation lately? Have you given your time and effort to help out somewhere? Have you found a way to be a better citizen of the world? If so, please tell us about it. And if you have plans to do something along those lines in the coming weeks, tell us about that, too. Even if it’s a little thing. Even if it’s tiny. This is a time to share good things; good does not stop being good because it is small.

2 Responses to “And so 2017 begins”

  1. swantower

    My own work this past month:

    I went to the Hour of Prayer and Solidarity at a local mosque that had received hate mail.

    I’ve made some more donations to various groups.

    I put myself on the email lists for a number of groups (Greenpeace, the ACLU, MoveOn, #FightTrump, the Native American Rights Fund, Flippable, the Friends Committee on National Legislation) that will give me actionable items to follow; I’ve started making calls to legislators on those items. Since this is a thing that’s tough for me to do, I’ve given myself extra incentive by adding “make a phone call” to Habitica.

    At some point this month there’s supposed to be training for literacy tutoring at my local library; I intend to go to that.

  2. Margaret (Peggy) Squires

    I am so glad that you are doing this!
    The best thing to come out of the election debacle? Against the rising darkness, so many of us are lighting candles, lanterns, bonfires!
    I’m working on a presentation for an alternative inauguration day event. My friend David will present the foreign policy risks that seem likely in the coming administration. Then I will encourage everyone to breathe, stretch, and work on writing an effective communication to legislators or officials, or an effective letter to the editor.
    Also, it felt good to make a few small year-end contributions, to the American Friends Service Committee and other organizations.
    Again, thanks for doing this, and encouraging us all to stand together and heal the world.

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