It’s the Somethingth Annual “Guess What I Wrote for Yuletide” Game

I participated in Yuletide again this year. Despite wrist surgery nine days before Christmas, I managed to uphold my minimum of four fics — I just had to make sure I got everything written before the 14th.

Those of you who have perused the 2016 collection, care to guess what I wrote? All are full-length. Two of them were crossovers. The sources spanned books, video games, web series, and songs. One is a nostalgia fandom for many people; two are the epitome of the Yuletide “fandom of one” concept. And if you know the right clues to look for, they are all trivially easy to spot, provided you happen to have actually opened the fics; there’s an extra level of effort I could go to if I wanted to really hide which ones I wrote, but I pretty much never bother with it.

Any guesses?

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