Lady Trent’s Friends of Nepal

I mentioned this briefly on Saturday, but I know a lot of people were away (for Thanksgiving or just the weekend), so I’ll recap — especially since we’re actually live now, which means there’s a lot more to say!

As those of you who read my booklog posts have probably guessed, for the fifth and final volume of the Memoirs of Lady Trent, our intrepid heroine is going to a region based on the real-world Himalaya. I’ve been reading a fair bit about that area, and in the course of doing so, I’ve been continually reminded about the devastating earthquakes that struck Nepal earlier this year. The immediate need for earthquake relief has passed, but now it’s time to rebuild — and I thought, well, let’s see if I can’t do something to help out.

So I’ve teamed up with Patrick Rothfuss’ Worldbuilders fundraiser, creating Lady Trent’s Friends of Nepal. This is part of the larger Worldbuilders effort, which raises money for Heifer International, but all donations received as part of the Friends of Nepal project will specifically go to Heifer’s Nepal programs.

If you’d like to help out, there are two ways to do so!

1) Just donate! Every $10 you send in will get you one “lottery ticket,” making you eligible for a wide variety of prizes. These will come out of the general Worldbuilders pool, and as per usual, you can choose which prize categories you’re interested in (books or games).

2) Buy a book! If you want more certainty as to what you’re getting, you can purchase a book from the list on this page. If you already have everything of mine (or just think I smell funny and don’t want anything to do with me), there are also books from Alyc Helms (The Dragons of Heaven), Mindy Klasky (Season of Sacrifice; the Glasswright’s Apprentice series), and Morgan Keyes (Darkbeast Rebellion), and more to come over the next week or two.

I will draw your especial attention to the signed ARCs of In the Labyrinth of Drakes. There’s only five of those puppies up for grabs; if you want to read the book before it comes out, act fast!

(There was also a third way, which was the auction for the Tuckerization, but that has ended. My original plan for this project was to run it independently; when Patrick Rothfuss invited me to join forces with his people, I leapt at the chance, but it does mean we had to scramble to get everything coordinated with them before Worldbuilders ends for the year, and it’s happening a bit piecemeal. Rest assured that if I do this again, we’ll start planning much further in advance.)

You’ve got a couple of weeks left to pitch in! Remember, all proceeds go to Heifer Nepal, so whether you donate or buy a book, you’re really helping out.

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