Finished copies are heeeeeeeere!

So these showed up at my house last night . . .

finished copies of Voyage of the Basilisk

The production folks at Tor continue to knock it out of the park: deckled edges, three-piece case (in this instance, lavender and deep violet), even dark blue ink for the text. I think my other novels are starting to get an inferiority complex, sitting on the shelf next to these beauties. 😀

One week to street date — I can’t wait!

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  1. Elizabeth Wilson

    Oh, heavens! A new dragon novel! Oh, joy; Oh, rapture. Hmmm – posted on the twenty-fourth of March and release date is a week later. Good! It’ll be after I get paid on the first of April. I can’t wait.

  2. Musereader

    I was wondering if there was a harback at all, bookdepository is only offering me the uk paperback. I have the others in hardback so i have had to go round the houses to find a seller who will ship the US hardback to the UK only to order from bookdepository anyway via Abebooks. It’s just that these hardcovers are so beautiful i have to have them.

  3. Meghan

    Hello Marie!

    I am so excited for Voyage of the Basilisk!

    Can you tell us when the audio version will be available? I rarely have time to sit and read but have a very long commute every morning so listen to my favorite books then. I have searched online everywhere and the audio version is not listed at any booksellers. (I usually buy from Audible but have found no place where I can preorder it.)

    I am looking forward to the book so much and am really disappointed that I cannot get it in audio Tuesday. Can you tell us about any plans for an audio edition?

    Thank you!
    Meghan W.

  4. swantower

    Hi Meghan,

    There will definitely be an audio version; I know Kate Reading was working on it earlier this month. I don’t know when it will be released, though — hopefully soon! I’ll announce it here when I know for sure.

  5. swantower

    Ooops, approved comments out of order . . . .

    Musereader — the change in formats is because Titan picked up the series in the UK. For the first two books, their editions were published well after the US one, which means you were able to get the US hardcover. Now, though, Titan are on the same schedule as Tor over here — actually, Voyage came out a couple of days earlier there — so bookshops, Amazon, etc won’t be stocking the US edition. If you want that one, I’m afraid you’ll have to order it from the US. Sorry!

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