A Year in Pictures – Bling Skull

Bling Skull
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I have no idea why rhinestone-covered skulls are a thing all over Paris . . . but they are. This one was on display in a window near the flat we were staying in, and it was easily the most stupendous example of the breed I happened across during my time there.

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  1. twistedchick

    Two thoughts come to mind.

    First is that the decoration on that one reminds me of the Mexican skulls for Dios de los Muertos, which were the last three days, the Days of the Dead festival.

    The other is that the ancient sewer tunnels under Paris are full of skulls and bones that have been there for centuries. Perhaps a connection with that as well?

    • swantower

      I definitely saw bling skulls in the shop outside the exit from the catacombs. But I also saw them elsewhere, and stylistically, they seem to be much more like the Mexican aesthetic than anything else. I don’t know if that’s being adopted into French culture or what, though.

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