A Year in Pictures – Zakopane Cross

Zakopane Cross
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This is the third of the spectacular cemeteries I’ve been to. It’s the Peksow Brzyzek in Zakopane, Poland, a place which introduced me to a wild array of funerary monuments of a very different sort from the codified Victorian catalogue of motifs. (Among other things, many of the Peksow Brzyzek markers are vastly more recent.) It was actually difficult to photograph the place well, since everything is crammed together cheek-by-jowl, but you’ll see more of it as the month wears on. This height of this cross is not an artifact of the angle; it towered over everything around it except the trees, and gave those a run for their money. Those beads are a rosary necklace, if you need a comparison for scale.

Also, here again we have a splendid example of what Lightroom can do for you. The cross was rather backlit, but fiddling with the settings allowed me to bring out the carving on the front, which was otherwise lost in shadow.

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