Modern Confederacy

Sometimes you read something that spins your understanding of a topic around like a whirligig and when it stops, you see things in an entirely new light.

Here’s what my teachers’ should have told me: “Reconstruction was the second phase of the Civil War. It lasted until 1877, when the Confederates won.”

Which is really just the lead-in for the part that has very direct relevance for today:

The Confederate sees a divinely ordained way things are supposed to be, and defends it at all costs. No process, no matter how orderly or democratic, can justify fundamental change.

When in the majority, Confederates protect the established order through democracy. If they are not in the majority, but have power, they protect it through the authority of law. If the law is against them, but they have social standing, they create shams of law, which are kept in place through the power of social disapproval. If disapproval is not enough, they keep the wrong people from claiming their legal rights by the threat of ostracism and economic retribution. If that is not intimidating enough, there are physical threats, then beatings and fires, and, if that fails, murder.

(See also “The New Racism: This Is How the Civil Rights Movement Ends.”)

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  1. Jaws

    As I’ve been pointing out for a couple of decades, if one looks at the occupants of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue since the end of the Second Thirty Years’ War in 1945, it’s pretty obvious that the Confederacy won:

    Truman was from a slavish area on the border with a slave state
    Eisenhower was from a slave state; his Vice President was in the first graduating class from a law school in a slave state (that was founded on slave-trade money if one traces it back)
    Kennedy may have been a Yank; his Veep… not so much
    Who then became President
    Followed by Eisenhower’s Veep, whose first Veep was an almost incomprehensibly corrupt former governer of… a slave state, and who resigned in favor of a real no-kidding Yank who appointed another Yank as his Veep, for all of two years
    This was followed by Mr Peanut, and it doesn’t get an awful lot more Confederate than that
    Then came Emperor Ronald I, whose Veep was a Yank who became an honored Texan in the awl bidness…
    Then ascended to the Presidency himself, but only for one term
    Because he was beaten by Bubba (and his Confederate Veep)

    Later developments after the 1995 list don’t change things much:

    A Texan son of a former President was declared winner over Bubba’s Confederate Veep
    And finally, we end up with our first formally acknowledged mixed-race President… whose Vice President is from one of the states (and towns) that was a defendant in the Brown school segregation case.

    As shameful as this list is, though, it sure beats any European nation you could name.

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