Exercise on the road

Apropos of my previous post: any recommendations as to ways for me to get exercise on a trip that will involve a new city almost every single day? I know that if step one is “leave your room and go to the hotel gym,” I won’t manage it. But stuff I can do in my room, without equipment — that might happen. I’ll need to do PT for my ankle regardless, so I’m going to have to set aside time for activity; it should be possible to tack other things on, if people have suggestions.

One Response to “Exercise on the road”

  1. D.Elan

    Wall push-ups can be good for hotel rooms. I’d suggest laying on your back and spinning your legs in a circle like you were bicycling but be careful of your ankle if it’s recovering from an injury. A half-hour or 45 minutes walk about the hotel outside could be good, but, again watch out for your ankle (since you mention PT, I’m being careful). Maybe other calisthenics or yoga?

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