So there’s this artist named Todd Lockwood . . .

. . . and he does bee-yoo-ti-ful book covers:

This one was revealed on yesterday; I would have posted about it sooner, but I spent pretty much all of yesterday out of the house. Check out that link if you’d like to see commentary from Irene Gallo (art director at Tor, i.e. the person who makes book covers happen), Todd, and myself.

It’s, um. Purty. Real purty. *^_^* Don’t you agree?

2 Responses to “So there’s this artist named Todd Lockwood . . .”

  1. Kay Hudson

    I’ve just finished reading A Natural History of Dragons, LOVED it, and have The Tropic of Serpents waiting on my ToBeReadSoon shelf. I came here poking around for news that the third memoir is at least in the planning stage, so I am delighted to see this cover (wonderful covers, all of them) for The Voyage of the Basilisk. Next year? The sooner the better.

    • swantower

      It is not only planned, it is written, (mostly) revised, and as you can see, covered! There will be two more after that, too, for a total of five.

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