Happy Book Day to Me

However long y’all have been waiting for this book, I think it was even longer for me. πŸ˜› But at last all our impatience is rewarded, for The Tropic of Serpents is out today!

It’s ended up on several “anticipated books coming out soon” lists, which I have to admit makes me exceedingly pleased: Ranting Dragon, BuzzFeed, Kirkus, and at least one other I’ve misplaced. If you are looking to obtain your very own copy, I’ve got a list of places you may buy it without leaving your chair (though this note about buying from a store does still apply).

And now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go treat myself to a nice lunch . . . and maybe also a visit to the local B&N, to make sure it’s on the shelf/pester them to put it there if it’s not. πŸ˜‰

3 Responses to “Happy Book Day to Me”

  1. Susan

    It’s on my wish/to be read list!

  2. Susan

    Oh, I meant to mention that I requested your writing fight scenes ebook to my library, and they just acquired it.

    • swantower

      Oh, nice! I’m really glad BVC has arrangements with libraries to make that kind of thing possible.

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