You can only go so far

Look, guys. I tried. Really I did.

Not just the usual steps, but extra steps. I culled. I culled again. I tagged early, so that I could compare crosses to crosses, statues to statues, urns to urns, and delete the ones that just weren’t on par with the rest. I deleted more when I started editing. I got rid of as much as I could.

And I still have 229 bloody photos from Highgate and Brompton Cemeteries.

It was October! There was autumn color! Leaves and branches blown down by the storm! Crows posing on crosses! Ivy eating EVERYTHING! It was like being in Japan when the cherry trees were blooming. Those places were just too damn photogenic for their own good — or rather, for mine.

I mean, this is a major improvement over where I started. I think I had more than 450 shots from those two places when I started. But still. 229 photos of crosses, crosses with ivy, statues, statues with ivy, urns, urns with ivy, obelisks, obelisks with ivy, the occasional mausoleum, and did I mention the ivy?

Between this and Zakopane, I’m sorely tempted to post nothing but cemetery shots in October. I have more than enough.

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