In which the memoirist’s amanuensis goes everywhere (with bonus Mary Robinette Kowal)

Ladies and gentlebeings, I will be doing a reprise of last year’s promotional book tour. Like all sequels, this one is Bigger! Better! with More Explosions Costumes!

I will be touring in company with the inestimable Mary Robinette Kowal, to support the release of The Tropic of Serpents (on my part) and Valour and Vanity (on her part). There will be readings and Q&As. There will be period-appropriate clothing. There may be a dragon puppet. There will certainly be me desperately wishing I was as good of a performer as Mary is. 🙂

Here’s the schedule, as it stands right now:

  • May 1, Thursday, Chicago, IL, DePaul University
  • May 2, Friday, Seattle, WA, University Book Store
  • May 3, Saturday, 2pm, Portland, OR, Powell’s
  • May 4, Sunday, 3pm, Salem, OR, Book Bin
  • May 6, Tuesday, 6:30 pm, Houston, TX, Murder by the Book
  • May 8, Thursday, 6pm, Salt Lake City, UT, Weller Book Works
  • May 10, Saturday, San Diego, CA, Mysterious Galaxy
  • May 11, Sunday, 3pm, San Francisco, CA, Borderlands

I’m told that the San Diego event will be part of a larger birthday celebration for Mysterious Galaxy, where we’ll be joined by other authors. Other than that, I don’t know anything more than what you’ve got right there, but I’ll definitely keep you all posted as details firm up.

Bay Area locals take note: I will also be doing a separate event at Borderlands on March 8th, to mark the release of The Tropic of Serpents earlier that week. Again, more details as I have them.

Now if you’ll pardon me, I need to go arrange for a suitable costume . . . .

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